Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tag "Sailing"!!

I have never been a big tag sale shopper
Not because I don't love a bargain-
I'm not good at it!
My main problem is stopping at someone's home-
looking through all their stuff-
and walking away empty handed-

Does anyone else feel bad about this?

I can't do it
I always have to buy something-
it's a problem-

GW, and other thrift stores are so much easier to shop in-
there's no personal connection-
the only person you have to look in the eye is the cashier
and they don't care if you buy or not!
Ahhhh, it's such a relief-
no guilt-
no trying to slink out a back exit, empty handed - lol

But,  lo and behold I got a call the other day-
my darling daughter and some friends had stopped in at a tag sale
and she saw a chair I might like-
with the snap of technology-
she took a pic-emailed it to me-

SOLD-for a whopping $5**!!!
I did the happy dance-
I got a bargain without the guilt!!

she couldn't fit it in her car- so, momma needed to pick it up-
I met her at the sale-
of course, the couple and she were chatting up at storm-
she knew their whole story-
Yale professor and lawyer-
moving to California from New Haven, Ct-
couldn't take alot with them-
yadda yadda yadda-
you get the story-

Funny thing is-
I wouldn't have gotten that info-
I'd have been too uncomfortable-
looking at their stuff and not buying it all up!

So, we loaded up the chair, wished them luck and slunk home,
my daughter was telling me about all the cool and funky things they were selling
I was feeling a bit guilty that I should have bought more!!
I definitely have to bring my personal bargain shopper with me more often!!

Gotta fly-Claire
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  1. no guilt required...i love the bargain you snagged! and you know what? you'll have to post this find on the blog party next week...my theme is summer sale-ing...just perfect.

    stuff and nonsense


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