Saturday, February 5, 2011

What's Your Decor Style?

     What is your style, decor style, that is?
Some questions to ask yourself-
Where do you live?
Are you a country gal or are you city slicker

Are you laid back, calm, serene? Go with a calm palette of colors-spaces that will soothe you from within.  Blues, green, purple and gray can all add tranquility with a touch of nature.
Do you bubble over with personality?  Jazz it up with lively colors you love! (At least one of the rooms you live in)  Sometimes too much color can make for one crazy gal!!

Just some questions you need to ask yourself when you begin to decorate a room or re-decorate, for that matter! 
Have you taken a trip that evokes wonderful memories?  Whether an island or mountain tops, when you envision the place, colors and scents return to your memory and the same feelings you had there, can be transformed into your home decor.  Do you want a nautical theme?(probably not but maybe navy and white can give you that same feeling with turquoise-green walls and a sisal rug.)  It doesn't take alot to figure out what you really like.
Check out your closet.  What is the most popular colors in there?  If you say black, don't panic!  Your room won't look like a haunted house!  Black is also a neutral so if you use grays or taupe with black accents, your room may just reflect you to a T! 

 Do you wear traditional clothes or are you a t-shirt and jeans kind of gal?  
 Do you like a modern look?  Use black and whites, with mirrors and silver accessories.If your more laid back, tone on tone colors work well.  Also, lots of creamy colors is very inviting and comfy,cozy. 
 Do you like to accessorize your personal look?
Your room should be accessorized as well-add soft throws, burlap pillows, mirrors and jewel toned candlesticks.  Shop your home-use something unexpected-try a glass tray (normally used for perfumes or make-up) , place it on the coffee table, wrap some books up in twine and add a silver picture frame with the one you love!

Are you an active chick or do you like to hang out at home, crafting or reading? Is photography your thing or are you into cooking?  If you're athletic, perhaps a golfer, a throw pillow or print might just add that personal touch that puts a smile on your face each time you pass it!
 Show off your pictures, your pottery, frames or cookbooks-make it you!

As you answer these questions, you will head down the path to perfect home decor ideas just for you.  Well, take care-gotta fly- Claire

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