Friday, February 4, 2011

Home decorating magazines

With all the snow we've been having in the Northeast, school has been out, so I have been home from work-boo hoo!!  I have been lucky enough to have extra time to drool over Ballards, Horchows, Pottery Barn and Home Decorators Collection. 
Some of my favorite things in these home decor mags are:

Victoria Mirror           

Frameless Art from Ballards  

 Bird Study
Bird Study-Pottery Barn

 French Laundry Home "Spring Garden" Pillows & Throw
Garden Pillows-Horchow's

  "French Quarter" Lantern
      French Quarter Lantern from Horchow

Cornflower Embroidered Pillow Cover, 18"
 Family Tree Pillow, 22"
 Pillows- Pottery Barn

Now all I have to do is figure out how to replicate these ideas on a dime!!  Well, take care, gotta fly-Claire
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