Monday, February 7, 2011


I love all the ruffles I have seen in bloggyville!  From clothing to necklaces to pillows but then again what's not to like! I was going to make some pillows but decided I was just too lazy!

Instead, I got out my handy dandy glue gun and some crepe paper and got to work on an old mirror.  The framed edge was pretty narrow so I thought about adding some molding to it so my ruffles could expand.  But, guess what? Too lazy!!  I started to glue crepe paper around the edges. It was so easy except for the burning of my finger tips! It's really not a good idea to rush with a glue gun unless you like the scent of burning flesh.  As I type this post, know that I am only able to use a few of my fingers because most of them are bandaged up and a bit throbby!! lol!!  So, low and behold, I present an easy peasy ruffled mirror!  What a cute accessory for a little girls room or maybe a powder room.  Fabric would also work as long as it was a thinner fabric so just imagine what you could create!! Well, take care-gotta fly-Claire
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