Monday, February 14, 2011

Ruffled mirror, part deux!!

So, I have to say,
my white ruffled mirror totally inspired me!

Funny thing is,
 you see,
 I have another mirror
 just like it
in black
 I got itchy fingers. 
 You know what that means!!!!

I need to heat up the glue gun
start ruffling it up again!!

 I looked through my stash
and this is what I found!!

I decided to try my own suggestion
use fabrics
instead of crepe paper!

I cut the fabric into 3 inch strips,

started in a corner with some hot glue and began gathering and scrunching up the fabric.  I began with the black and when that was completely glued to the frame,

I started with the gingham and glued that on top of the black ruffle.  I make two rows of ruffles with the check- really because it was so cute!!

I added a cute, chunky rosette made of black and white toile with a double rose crepe paper center.  This added the final accessory to the dressed up mirror!
Well, off to make more ruffles-
take care-gotta fly-Claire

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