Thursday, February 17, 2011

Family pictures

I can never have enough family photos on display.  It may be an illness but I am constantly displaying new photos all around my home.  So I came up with a new space to decorate with family photos and it doesn't cost alot of money.  Tabletops, dressers, buffets, side tables-they all have the same thing in common- a flat top.  So, I decided to get a piece of glass cut to cover the top of one of the chests I have in my living room.  The glass wasn't fancy or bevel cut- it was a smidge thicker than glass from a frame and it cost me $28.

 I love this display area- and the best part is I can change it up all the time or whenever the mood strikes me!!  I took pictures of my daughters when they made their first communion.  Then, I add pictures around the border of the chest depending on who's in the picture, a change in holiday or even pictures of my daughter's with loved ones who are no longer here.  It's a simple reminder of family, love and memories.  It's certainly a simple enough project for anyone to do and each day when I pass it by, a picture will catch my eye and make me smile.  Nothing can beat that!  Well, take care and I've gotta fly-Claire
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  1. What a creative way to display those you love.

    - The Tablescaper

  2. I absolutely love this idea! Thanks for sharing!


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