Thursday, February 3, 2011

Spring is in the air (not)!

 Baby it's cold outside!!    Okay, I don't know about you but after about 30 inches of snow and ice, I am so ready to see some green-just a little bit of soft,green grass!! Don't know when that's happening around these parts. The old groundhog says we'll have an early spring-I don't think I believe that fat little rodent!

     But, I do miss my gardens.  I went back into my pictures to look for my long lost gardens and found a few happy pictures that bring a smile to my face and a swing to my step! Without further ado, a little bit of spring!
Ahhhhhhhh, that makes me so happy- I can breathe again!! 
 Spring will come, I don't know when but I do know where and when it does, I'll be so ready!!!

Take care-gotta fly-Claire


  1. I am so there with you! I'll be posting pictures of our winter dig out (in GR, MI) after I get some work done! What a mess!

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment...and I now following you.

    I'm with you...spring..where are you? We've had over 55 inches of snow...too many days WAY below zero..and Mamma's cold! :-)

    Have an amazing day...and I'm looking forward to following you!

  3. Oh I am so tired of snow. It's pretty and all but it's a pain in the back to shovel! Day after day after day... Nah, it hasn't been that bad but I will jump up and down and clap like a little girl when I see the first little bit of green again.

  4. Your gardens are beautiful, so I'm sure they will be well worth the wait.

  5. Hi Claire, saw you featured over at A Delightsome Life, wonderful blog you have, xoxo tami


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