Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My "New" Chest

Last week, I showed you my chest-LOL!!! (I crack myself up sometimes!!) Anyways, back to business-The chest-I showed you many inspiration pieces I was drooling over-so I hemmed and hawed (is that a word?) and finally decided I would just paint the drawer fronts-that was the opinion of the majority of you lovelies too!  I started with a base coat of licorice acrylic paint.  I thought I would go with a funky plaid look- I measured the drawers in sections, picked out 4 colors to pattern my plaid and I went to town!

OMG-what a disaster-I truly forgot how bad I am at freehand painting!! It was sooo ugly and goopy too! Yuck-so I wiped it down (can't even go there because in the process I scrubbed so hard, some of the licorice paint was gone too! ) So, I started again, after scraping off the mess and sanding down the drawer fronts.  My vision changed dramatically- I went with scrapbook paper and modge podge-a totally different direction but I'm so happy with the results! Kept the same hardware but sprayed it black- so each drawer used 2 full sheets of paper and a quarter sheet.  The paper was on sale- 12 sheets for $2. I had the paint and the modge podge so basically the transformation cost me about $2.  Not bad for updating a great chest of drawers!!  Well, take care-gotta fly-Claire

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