Friday, January 14, 2011

Love is in the air!

     I'm not a big holiday decorator except for Thanksgiving, and especially Christmas.  But with all the fab ideas in blogland, valentine's crafts are looking extra appealing to me so what's a blogger to do but craft her little heart out!LOL!  I was loving the clean sparse look of  Christmas decorations deleted but now it's time to begin spreading the love-haha! I began in my powder room-My white feather trees never got put away after Christmas because I loved their light airy look - so I added some felt hearts and tiny dangles-how charming!

My white fur wreath stayed up also after Christmas.  All I added to this was felt sticker hearts too!  It looks like wintery wonderland!

      The tall ,green, metal birdcage stays out all year. The green, glitter birds are paired up for this holiday in their "loveshack"!!  So, this was just a little glimmer into my own love nest but stay tuned, more to come but for now,
gotta fly-
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