Thursday, January 13, 2011

Wallpaper paint!!

Country Living magazine is one of my all time favorites to read front to back-I gave up novels long ago !!LOL!!  But, this month they have brought some fab ideas for the DIY-simple yet professional looking, homey yet sophisticated-gotta love how they get you there!
     There is something so cool in the works and I don't think home decor will ever be the same!!  Trends come and go, as we all know but wallpaper is making a huge resurgence right now.  If you've ever wallpapered you know that it takes alot of time, precise measuring and it can be an awful mess.  Country Living mag has introduced a new way to achieve the look of wallpaper with a paint roller!!-at least something I've never seen-my idea would be to start off on one wall in your room and maybe paint the other walls a coordinating color! -it's back big time and this paint roller makes the whole idea of applying wallpaper with paste is sooo passe'!  Check this roller out and you will be ahead of all your friends in this home decor trend!

       The all new Painted "Wallpaper" is a really neat way to change up a room quickly and shows many different ways to fully coordinate a room, painting headboards, light switches and even painting fabric so your curtains will blend in to your wall patterns. 
       Check out this website below to see all the patterns available-so much cheaper than hiring a faux finishing painter!
                                                                   Gotta love it-Claire
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