Monday, December 13, 2010

Gingerbread House Extravaganza

A Holiday Tradition I have started with my nieces and nephews is the decorating of the yummy gingerbread houses.  Ages 10 down to 3 and it's a free for all!!  The houses come in a kit with the gingerbread all made and ready to go but I hot glue the walls to the roof before they arrive for the fa la la la la!- Instead of using the powdered bags of frosting, I use the cans of pre-made frosting.  It's easier for them to spread and they make it nice and thick so they are able to squish the candy deep into the crevices. More candy tends to go into their bellies instead of on the rooftops!!  After the decorating is done, we make a few ornaments for them to bring home to add to their own tree. They always get an ornament with their name on it to remember the fun!  Well, I need to finish vacuuming up all the sprinkles and gumdrops-Take care-Gotta fly-Claire

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