Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The mother of all trees

This is my motherload tree.  My end all and be all tree.  The tree chuck full of family memories dating back to my childhood as well as my hub's.  Each year my children received beautiful dated ornaments all especially chosen for them.  All of the ornaments have a special meaning and we remember who gave them the ornament, which makes it more special.  The ornaments also follow their interests, sports and hobbies throughout their childhood through their teen years and now into their 20's!!  From snowmen, angels, dorothy and the tin man, ballerinas, disney, cheerleading, soccer, high heels and teapots, even a wine glass or two-what a wonderful journey these ornaments take through our lives.  Hope you enjoy the show!  Take care-gotta fly-Claire

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  1. Hi Claire, Your tree is gorgeous!! I love a tree full of ornaments and memories. Happy Holidays.


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