Friday, December 10, 2010

Two by two...

  "When old Noah stared across the floods,
Sky and water melted into one
Looking-glass of shifting tides and sun.
Mountain-tops were few: the ship was foul:
All the morn old Noah marvelled greatly
At this weltering world that shone so stately,
Drowning deep the rivers and the plains.
Through the stillness came a rippling breeze;
Noah sighed, remembering the green trees.
Clear along the morning stooped a bird,—
Lit beside him with a blossomed sprig.
Earth was saved; and Noah danced a jig."
Noah by Siegfried Sassoon

Noah built the ark and gathered animals two by two .  The animals lived on the ark with Noah and his family while it rained for 40 days and nights.  My kids loved this tree when they were young and we even painted wooden animal ornaments to adorn it! ( of course they were in pairs!!)  Although there was an entire religious story behind the tree, to my kids it was a zoo tree!!  The animals came two by two..well, gotta fly-Claire
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