Tuesday, October 26, 2010

And the stockings were hung... part 1

I am always looking at the fancy smancy Christmas stockings in all those fab catalogs- my daughters have had different decorative stockings over the years that I've either made or bought -mainly to match the living room decor! Their "real" stockings that Santa fills were knitted by my mom's cousin with their names on them-beautifully sentimental but they don't match so they don't get hung by the chimney until late Christmas Eve!  Well, you know my addiction with toile, right??  So, I made some cute ladies boot stockings with pointy toes and high heels with the toile that matches my chairs. Some lace and ribbon top the stockings off-LOVE them! For the hangers, I used crystal beaded tassel I had to jazz them up a bit! Can't wait for Christmas! (only kidding!!!)  Aren't they so feminine and perfect for those grown up daughters of mine!  Take care, Gotta fly!  Claire
(PS-The peg board was made when they were very little and the stenciling is out of date but I keep it for the sentimentality -someday I will repaint it and use those vinyl letters I adore!!)
(PSS- stay tuned for Part 2 of the toile stocking story!!)

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