Monday, October 25, 2010

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirrors lighten up my life!  Not looking into them, mind you, but just scattering them around.  The reflections are glorious.  Mirrors are placed, nailed, glued, and hidden among my rooms, in my bookcases and even in the back of the fireplace!  Sounds weird, huh?  But, you put a lit candle in front of a mirror and the shimmering glow reflects tenfold which creates an ambiance in your home like no other. Serene and peaceful, those happy little mirrors.  I never liked looking inside of my fireplace and tried a mirror in the back of it-wow, what a difference.  I placed battery operated candles on a decorative stand in front of the mirror.  Love the look of the room's reflection with the candles lit too! Mirrors can also play tricks in a room.  The reflection tricks the eye and rooms appear larger than they really are.  They open up a space to give one an illusion.  It's always a good idea to check what is reflected in your mirrors.  This can add to your home's beauty. Mirrors need not be expensive.  Many of the home improvement stores have mirror aisles- some are trendy but some are chic and for well under $75, you can add elegance and character to a room and make it so very pleasing to the eye  Give it a try!
Take care, gotta fly-Claire 
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