Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Illusions of a DIY Blogger's Home

I adore reading blogs-
The DIY projects and home styling make me drool-

I am truly amazed though-
I don't think I've ever given a home tour on my blog-
Not gonna happen-
When I see every room sooo perfect,

I've shared my hoarders garage and then the after- truthfully, it never remains that way- I did read an article about messy houses and creative people-  I'm going with that!!

Right now, walking into my garage you would see very high piles of supplies- now I'm just waiting for an avalanche- had to prove I could get the cars in during this snow filled winter.  Every now and then, I hear a little crash!!  Oh well, soon enough the weather will warm up (yea right Northeasterners??!). And my "stuff" can be laid out in style, much to the hubs horror!

So, next time you are browsing a blog, taking a home tour online and thinking to yourself, that's amazing, how can a home stay that beautiful and precise especially when many have children living there, 

remember alot of what you see is an illusion- perfectly staged for the camera!

The behind the scenes is never very pretty...

These pictures are what you normally don't see on a public blog-

you get the 
freshly painted-
beautifully organized-
perfectly placed items throughout the room-
the ideal,
 perfect home-

Ahhh, not always the case-
remember that.

Take care, gotta fly-

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