Friday, January 9, 2015

Not Perfect, not even close..

I love reading DIY blogs-
they inspire me and kick start the flow
of my creative juices-

but, sometimes they don't-
sometimes, after I read about incredible projects 
that are completed,
I feel like a big failure.

Perfection is a problem.
Completing things can be daunting-
the little details always seem to get in my way-

My creative ADHD always seems to kick in and I scatter myself in too many directions-
This year, I resolve to get more focused-
it will be a real challenge, that I can reassure myself.

I will not be a perfect DIY'er, EVER.
It's a problem that I am working on and will continue
to be my personal mountain to climb.

I have come to a startling discovery- I live on the surface each day.  

I do alot of surface things-

cleaning, my family can vouch for that!

cooking, the Sandra Lee method

crafting, 24 hour itis

organizing, one area in order but where have I put the "stuff"?  In another room that I now have to get in order-

Friends have asked me,
"how to you get so many projects done?"
One track mind, I get on a roll, full steam ahead,
nothing gets in my way
but nothing else gets done-

So, as this new year begins,
I will do my best to 
take my time to see the beauty in all
that is imperfect around me and
live each day, content in my own imperfection.

Take care, gotta fly-

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