Sunday, October 12, 2014


"Honesty is the best policy"

sometimes true
not always

Will someone's feelings be hurt by your honesty?
Will something sad occur?

When someone asks for your honest opinion, do you always give it?

 not always.
I am guilty of this.
I don't want to hurt feelings, don't want that person to get mad,
don't want them to stop speaking to me, make them feel less because
my honesty was not really what they wanted to hear.

I know, at times, my daughters think I'm a little too honest-
How to you like my outfit?
My hair?
Do you think I'm right?

well, the answers are usually honest-
not always the ones they want to hear but I try to be as honest with them
as possible.  Not just the mundane outfit questions.
Real life questions-
things that really will make a difference in their lives-

I have always taught them to be honest-
because honesty is the best policy,
sometimes a
little white lie
is okay
positive and helpful-

Take care, gotta fly-

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