Wednesday, October 1, 2014

31 Days of Writing begins NOW

So, I made a promise to myself that I can write for 31 days straight-
I joined The Nester's challenge and it makes me really nervous because I've never attempted posting for 31 days straight-
These days, I'm lucky to get a post a week out there!

So, here goes....

I will not be writing a themed month of posts- not enough in my brain to fill 31 days on the same topic-
I will however continue my GW hunting and instead of piling things up in my hoarding garage, I will share with you the wonders of thrifting.

Fall decor will also be a biggie and my thoughts on the upcoming holiday season.
I may write about starting my Etsy store- the hurdles and triumphs-
My crazy craft show experiences- too many to count!
But, each day, I will be thanking my higher power for all my blessings, whether I share it or not.

Life gets so busy and sometimes the simplest things go unnoticed but each day I will stay true to my mom's spirit within me and perform a kindness to someone- they may not realize it and that's fine because I know I can make a small difference with simply a kind gesture.

So, enough now, have a lovely day and I will be back tomorrow, I promise...

Take care, gotta fly-


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