Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Repurpose GW Finds

My GW days are pretty frequent
I see the same people every time I go-
We are all there to find the "treasure" someone else discarded as trash-

People get rid of the most amazing things and until a few years ago, I was one of those people too!
We are the dumpster family-
My husband is big on clearing things out, so every few years he orders a dumpster that sits in our driveway(sorry neighbors!) and we fill it with broken things.  Even last night he offered to go to the dump for me to get rid of things in the garage- I shudder at the thought- I can remake repurpose and reuse- my hoarder's heart is a flutter.

My latest repurpose are with lamps, pretty lamps mind you.  I remove the cords, shades, bulb sockets and I have my way with them.
Sometimes I paint them but others, I shine up-

Here are a few I recently added to my collection-

Can't wait to show you my newest repurposed creations!

Take care, gotta fly-