Wednesday, September 24, 2014

How to make Pumpkin Centerpieces

Pumpkin Season is here in full force-
No matter where you turn, faux pumpkins are in every craft store across America!
You can't miss them-

I love a great white pumpkin and if your not into orange in your decor, white's the way to go-

With sales galore, you can pick one up and turn it into a holiday centerpiece that will last a lot longer than fresh flowers or pine boughs( getting a bit ahead of myself- not the Christmas season yet, although some stores would make you believe it's time to trim the tree!)

Foam pumpkins are easy to transform- cut out the stem and make a hole large enough to fil with flowers- no need to add anything to adhere the stems- it's all foam so the flowers glide in- add your favorites, hydrangeas, mums, sunflowers, berries, leaves, pods- whatever strikes your fancy.  You don't have to be a designer to get a beautiful look- add a simple bow, with ribbon or burlap to dress it up.  Your holiday table will thank you for adding to its beauty.  

This is an adorable idea I found on Pinterest- 

The dollar store has small faux pumpkins- try it out on these first before you pay a little more for a big beauty- have fun with this- be creative, be inventive, be you.

You can even cut out the center of a foam pumpkin and add a small succulent plant still in its plastic pot and fit it in snugly to the pumpkin- a great look without the cost of silk flowers.

You can check out all the pumpkin arrangements at your local Michaels craft stores- they have every size imaginable but they cost a pretty penny too, so try your own, go for it!

With this foam pumpkin, no cutting was needed- a wooden skewer slid in easily and I added a silk sunflower into each hole-

After all the sunflowers were attached, I pulled the plastic stem out and added my own version-
A wired stick with a silk leaf wired to it.

Now, I have a sunflower topiary made from a foam pumpkin!

Check out my Pumpkin board on Pinterest for more inspirations and get busy!

Take care, gotta fly-

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