Friday, September 5, 2014

Pinterest Project Failed

Have you ever had a simple project in your head and you are so excited to get started?

Me too!

Burlap pumpkins from the Dollar Store seemed like a fantastic and quick little project that any DIY'er could do, right?

There was inspiration all over Pinterest- and I had all the materials on hand- simple, no new cost and adorable- I didn't even consider I'd fail in this little endeavor- lol!

I used natural colored burlap and orange to spice it up! I cut the burlap into strips, mod podged the pumpkins, layered the podge on the burlap, pressed it down on the $1 pumpkin- in the crevices and around the stem.  It wasn't really easy to smooth down the sides but I'm impatient in every way so I kept squeezing the burlap tighter and tighter. 

Don't know if that was my problem- my inability to wait for things to dry or my inability to admit a fail on this project. I re coated with mod podge 2x- it didn't look great but I waited it out.....

This morning, they looked like this- sad, sad little pumpkins....

Well, you win some, you lose some and this was a big loser- lucky for me I didn't spend lots to get them to this stage! They are heading to the pumpkin patch graveyard!

I won't even mention my attempt at the scrapbook paper- mod podge disaster!

On to the next project but may not include burlap and mod podge!

Take care, gotta fly-


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