Tuesday, September 2, 2014

DIY Shell Ring Holders

I've been making a lot of jewelry these days 
for my etsy shop.
I came across a package of scallop shells at my favorite "boutique" and decided to try my hand at jewelry holders- at first, I glued a smaller shell to the flat top but as I got more interested, I bought baking scallop shells at a great kitchen supply store in my area.

The skies the limit when it comes to creating ring holders-
Spray paint in many colors-

You are only limited to your imagination- so, go wild!

Add charms, jewels, beads!

I also add beautiful sparkly beads to the backs to act as feet-
The possibilities are endless!

A perfect spot to hold that special piece of jewelry-

What a cute idea to use in a wedding ceremony!

You can customize them to go with any decor.
 Sweet and simple shell dishes that serve a purpose- 
what's not to love about these?

Take care, gotta fly-