Thursday, August 7, 2014

Mirrored Mason Love

Blogging has opened up a whole new world for me-
My addictive personality is gleaming with joy-
my hoarder obsession - not so good-

I am addicted to Pinterest-
anyone who follows me knows I have a problem, I admit it-
obsessive-compulsive-even nuts, may be terms used by dear friends
to describe me-
and it won't change, just face the fact 
I will never be an organized,
 everything in its place,
 finish one project before I start another,
kind of person.
That said, mason jars are also an obsession-
I have been crafting with them for about a year-
you can read old posts about them here and here.

Some of my cutie patootie mason jars!

Spray paint is another love of mine-
who doesn't like instant gratification?
Come on people, I know you're out there...

Mason jars and Krylon Looking glass spray paint are truly a match made in heaven-
I'm not going to credit one person for this idea- it's all over Pinterest so 
start searching and you'll most likely find 100+ pins out there-

The blue and green jars are my favorite but Pinterest has also introduced me to
staining them with Rit dye and Mod Podge- haven't tried that yet but......

Mirrored Mason Jars are the bomb!
Super easy and you get such a bang for your buck- literally!

So, begin with clean, dry jars-

Shake the living daylights out of the Looking Glass spray paint-
hold the jar up, give it 4-5 quick spray squirts-
now, the hard part(wink)
roll the jar back and forth and after about a minute of rolling,
turn it upside down on an old surface-

Now wait-
about a minute or two,
and repeat..
now wait, a minute or two and repeat-
you get the gist of it-
I did this step 4 times- you decide when you like the look-

Oh yea, read the directions-
thought I'd make a mirrored shell-

only on glass my friends, only on glass!

So, go have some fun and spray away!

Take care, gotta fly-