Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Mason Jar Love

Mason jars are not new-
Growing up, we weren't canner's but when I was first married, 
we moved next door to a canner.
I didn't really get the point-
Make your own sauce?
What's wrong with Ragu? , I asked.

Can corn and Lima beans?
Check out the frozen food section at Stop and Shop, I said boldly.

Little did I know, this gal had smarts!

During the cold winter nights, when I was heating up frozen meatballs 
with a big jar of garden style Ragu,
My neighbor was busy serving her family 
homemade sauce with their homemade meatball.

I never been a cook.
I do cook,
but begrudgingly.

Over the years, I have been known to make some sauce 
but there's always a jar of store bought in the pantry.

But, I do love Mason Jars.  I store pasta in them.
 Only because it looks cute.  They have chalkboard labels on them too!

I would much rather use mason jars for crafting.

Recently, I shared bridal shower decorations we made using these jars-

Pinterest has amazing mason jar ideas and thought I'd share a few-

Painted and used as centerpieces-


Filled with yummy desserts and served that way-

Mason Jars are the go to for wedding decor,
showers, holidays, gifts, coastal decor and
so much more!
Maybe even some canning!!

You can find over 200+ ideas for mason jars here
on my Pinterest board Mason Love!
Hope this inspires you to get on
the mason jar train too!

Take care, gotta fly-


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