Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Refurbish- Reuse- Repurpose




Those are 3 of my favorite words in decorating-

What a fabulous feeling when you are
 goodwill hunting and someone's trash
 becomes your treasure-

Nothing makes my heart beat faster
 than when I'm driving down a street 
and come upon curbside furniture-
 especially when it's in decent shape!

I have scored some real beauties
 over the last few years and I'm proud to refurbish
 them with some cleaning, 
paint, wax, new jewelry
 or a totally new look-

I love to reuse these treasures in my own home
 or for someone else who "needs" them!

Recently, I found furniture at Goodwill for 99 cents-
My sister was the perfect candidate
 for them since she had recently moved-

99 cents-Goodwill

99 cents- Goodwill

This table was a freebie from family-

99 cents-Goodwill

99 cents- Goodwill

Her dining room chairs-

 2 out of 6 painted for kitchen-

Recovered the seats-

My old kitchen chair painted
 and added to her kitchen set-

Dining room chairs reupholstered-

My sister's house is adorable
 and these pieces add the perfect touch
in making her nest complete-

Reused, repurposed and refurbished

The perfect mix of eclectic decor-
someone else's trash refurbished becomes
another person's treasure!

Take care, gotta fly-


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