Friday, March 28, 2014

DIY Word Art

Pinterest is a fabulous source for DIY ideas-

One that caught my eye 
was this artwork
 made with stickers and wood-

So, I started with a blank canvas and stickers

I decided to paint the canvas first 
so the words would be green-

This is my newest paint palette idea-
 much better than a paper plate!

Once dry, place the stickers on the canvas
spacing them to your liking-

Once all the stickers are on, 
choose a complementary color as the 2nd layer-

I also made a heart sticker out of contact paper,
 to use in place of a word-

After painting the blue, I began adding 
bits of a deeper blue and
 some white paint for depth-

Wait about 15-20 min ( not much longer) 
and begin removing stickers- 
tweezers are a great tool for the removal-
 even toothpicks but take care
 not to puncture canvas-

You can call it done-

 But, since this was a gift, I wanted to finish it off
 so I glued a matching ribbon to the edges 
and also attached a rope for hanging- 

Now, it's finished! An adorable and easy craft,
 made with love!

Take care, gotta fly-

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