Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Little Chair

Do you remember the little chair?

The crazy little chair?

Well, she finally got a well deserved makeover-

I used a creamy muslin- a curtain panel from Goodwill!
 Burlap was my 1st choice but it always sheds a bit 

Because she's a girl chair- dainty and petite-
She definitely deserved a feminine makeover!

I painted her a creamy white-

Added some batting to the thin cushion 

I stapled the batting directly to the edge of the seat -
 allowing for her lovely curves

I used what I had- some extra loft which worked well

I eyeballed the seat and cut a piece off the curtain panel
And kept trimming until it was almost the exact size-
Just kept a bit extra to fold under when I stapled!

It was time to cover those ugly little staples-
I had no cording but I remembered this
Another buy from Goodwill- there are 2 rolls and the creamier small rope 
was underneath the dirty looking one- lol

I had nothing to lose but got too lazy to head to the basement 
to get my glue gun basket-
I had some leftover glue from the kitchen curtain project
I LOVE this glue-
I happened upon it at Joann's one day and it's my new love-
A little bit goes a long way too!
The first row of rope was easy but didn't cover all the staples

The second row did the trick and gave it the finished look I was after

So, for now, this is what she looks like

I think she would look fab with some cute slipcovers, 
Maybe .... a ruffled skirt
I'll be looking for some more fabric at GW!

Take care, gotta fly-

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