Friday, November 22, 2013

Family Room aka Golfer's Paradise

Our family room is really not my favorite-

It's much too dark-
I've written about it before-
My disliking the dark paneling
but, it's the only room my husband has not allowed me to paint-

It just reminds me of a man cave and that is what it has become-

I live with an obsessed golfer
He lives and breathes it-

I added lots of golf decor over time

The leather couches, although very comfy have seen better days-
Since we got the puppies- one in particular has found leather to be an aphrodisiac!

Unfortunately, I still live with the couches, holes and all
I even bought the exact color brown duct tape to blend the holes in- lol

I never put curtains in there-
The two windows are framed in between two built in closets

Years ago, I covered two pieces of foam core with fabric and 
with sticky Velcro, they lived a fine life-

When the girls got older, this room became my husband's den-
So, I recovered the foam core with a golfer fabric-

sorry the pictures are so dark but it's a very dark room-

 now I've decided to change them up-

I wanted the cording to show this time so I cut the fabric using the foam as my template
I glued it directly to the striped fabric-

With this glue which was fantastic

You can see the cream shades in the pictures above-
No they didn't remain untouched!

I unrolled them and laid them on an outside table that was
protected with large garbage bags-
If you've ever used spray adhesive you know why-
It gets sticky which is the whole point but
You don't want sticky furniture too!

I didn't cut the fabric to the exact measurements of the shade-
I gave myself some oops room just in case it didn't line up perfectly-
Once the shades were dry, I turned them over 
and trimmed them to the exact size of the shade-

So far, so good-

I left them to hang overnight
And the next day, raised them to the correct height

Sorry about the dark pictures but like I said, it's a dark room
And the only light comes from these two windows-

I popped on the two foam valances with sticky Velcro, works like a charm 
Because the foam is so light

I added a fabric valance at the top to finish the windows off

The golf room is ready for the holiday decor-
A little golf tree with handmade ornaments and my Beyers Golfer's
who live there all year

I bought the green sign a few years back-
Humor keeps me sane!

And doesn't this say it all!

Well, take care, gotta fly-


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