Friday, November 15, 2013

A Little Bit of Lovely

When we emptied my mom's house, 
There was a lot of treasures that we all took for our own homes-

We love having these pieces with us now-
Lovely little memories of love
Scattered throughout

There were some pieces that were not chosen but there was a piece that
I scooped up because I had a vision of its future-

It was my mom's little vanity table from her childhood-
It was old, scratched in spots but otherwise in perfect shape-
Even the kidney shaped mirror on top was in tact-
Just needed a good cleaning and some TLC!

After spending all of its adult hood in my parents basement-
It held up remarkably well-

I brought it outside to my work area- lol
And sprayed a primer directly onto the wood-

Then a cream spray paint -

I wasn't happy enough with the color so
I reprinted it with a cream satin I've used before-
Now, it's perfect!

I also had a small padded bench in my basement from long ago-
I painted that up and recovered the seat to go with the bedroom decor-

Once the painting and waxing was complete

The fun began!

Picking fabric to make a full length skirt and
some pretty butterfly scrapbook paper to line the drawer-

I found a perfect pink curtain panel at Target and I only had to buy one-
Already ruffled too!

A glass knob replaced the wooden one-

I googled vanity skirts to get some ideas
for it because I was attaching it with Velcro-

I cut the window panel up and reconfigured it to fit the vanity-

I knew it needed a mirror for the little princess to admire herself
And of course, apply her "make up"!
I browsed the web searching for the perfect fit-
No luck, so I decided to make her one-

I found a pink metal stand- scalloped and girly, at Jo Ann fabrics-
Also got a little round mirror to adhere to it-
Adding a cute wooden piece and jeweled K were the perfect finishing touches-
Sturdy but still cute enough for her-

I also picked up this fancy hand mirror and silver tray-
at the Dollar Tree store!

I found a small, old bench in the basement-
the before-

the after-

This post is way too long so I'll have to post about this cute little seat on another day!

This baby is all dolled up and ready to make an appearance at
A special little girl's 6th birthday party!!

When she opens up the little drawer
 there's a picture frame of Nana and her sweetie-
A lovely little reminder of love surrounding her always-

Can't wait to see her face when it arrives-
The drawer will have some girly treasures as well!

Take care, gotta fly-

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