Friday, October 4, 2013

Wind Beneath My Wings

I blog about home decor, furniture refurbishing
 and my fab GW finds a lot!

it truly is good for my soul- 
My soul needs creative spirit on a daily basis-
I don't need to post everything I do to make me feel whole-

I am whole because of the love of my family-
They are the whole of me-
I am the person I am because of them
My mom
My grandmother
My sisters
But especially my girls

They are the best inspiration my soul can get-

They have been with me every step of this journey-
They have become caring, strong and exceptional women

Their love knows no bounds-
They are part of my circle 
My heart
Their daily chats
Their love
Their constant cheering
I do what makes me happy because of them-

They are my daughters but truly my best friends

Each is unique but together they are a special team-
In all different paths of life, they unite and become a beam of light in my heart-

Today is no different
They are special and I am blessed to be their mom-
They make me laugh, cry, think, encourage, love 
They are my heart 
I am blessed each and every day
No matter what 
They are there for me and always with me-
Strong women
May we know them
May we raise them 
May we be them

Take care, gotta fly-

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