Thursday, October 3, 2013

Bedroom decor

I was wandering around TJ Maxx the other day-
enjoying my browsing time-
The bedroom I'm working on was done but I needed some
final touches-
My goal was to use what I had around the house-
but I really wanted a new coverlet for the bed-
should I splurge ?
I eyed so many beauties-
lamps, pillows, window treatments
but I left the store empty handed- :(
but I did get lots of great ideas!
I can make pillows, and paint lamps-
A lamp from my mom's home-
the shade was too small and I added arms to the base
 A shade I had from a GW find last year-
 Taped the electrical parts-
Sprayed away!
 Looks perfect as a bedside table!

Next up, a burlap pillow-
I found some burlap pieces leftover from another project-
this pillow used to be on my 3 chair bench but was changed out last year
 when I made ruffled pillows for it-
It was a perfect insert for my new pillow!

I hemmed up the edges,

I wanted to "frenchify" the pillow so
I used shapie paint pens to write with-

"bonne nuit" good night in French
 Of course, I free handed it so it"s not perfect!

The edges needed a ruffle so I doubles the burlap for added weight
and folded the fabric in small pleats along the strips-

I sewed them to the right side of the pillow base-

Then. I sewed the sides together, I also sewed the bottom together,
leaving about a 6 inch opening so I could stuff the pillow

I didn't end up putting the old pillow into the new, just the stuffing-

Not bad for an hour project!

The best part was I spent no money and added a bit of Paris to the room!

Can't wait to show you the rest!

Take care, gotta fly-

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