Monday, August 5, 2013

Wedding Days

Our daughter's wedding is fast approaching and these days it's very easy to get overly sentimental ( if you possibly can)!!  We were listening to songs she had chosen for the ceremony and some of the "crazy" music for the reception the other night.

She had made the majority of the decisions but of course, we women like to second guess ourselves all the time- so, once again, we listened to the music for her father- daughter dance- I had always loved the song she had chosen but suddenly, we listened to a beautiful country ballad and I burst into tears- each verse rang so close to my heart and I usually don't tear up to many songs- I started bawling and I glanced at her and she was crying too!  You know that moment when you just know it's right- 

We've had an emotional year with beautiful ups and some very sad downs- my mom won't be at the wedding in body, but her beautiful spirit will envelop every part of the day- she was a woman of strength, beauty and wisdom- she taught all of us to be kind, thoughtful and most importantly, to love each other.

As the days draw nearer to Kerry and Scott's wedding,  I feel her prescence  in each decision made- each special touch to personalize this day with many of her things.  Both sets of her grandparents will be with her that day- miniature charms of them on their wedding days will adorn her bouquet, the overflowing center pieces will be arranged in my mom's blue and white china vases and Kerry will also carry a white embroidered shamrock hankie of Grandma's.  They will be there to celebrate this family filled occasion - helping all of us celebrate this wonderful day!

The day in pictures will be part of my blog, but not until after August 16th! Don't want to give away any secrets!!  But, I'll leave you with this picture of Kerry with her dad, many moons ago- so very special this time is!

Take care, gotta run-

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