Saturday, July 20, 2013

Obsession with Potting Benches

    I've always been a sucker for potting benches-
Love the idea of having my own spot
 to separate annuals into pots, split perennials
 and basically to keep little old me organized in the garden.

I revamped my potting bench a few years back- you can see it here-

But, they do take a beating-
I've used it for parties too-
It's a great place to set up the bar- as long as the dirt's brushed off first!

I found some beauties on Pinterest and had to share-
(because you all know where I'm going with this- yes there will be a makeover in the near future!)
(click on the pics to go to the site)

This old work bench is perfect for the task- love the shutters turned chalkboards too!

 Old garage work bench turned darling potting table.

Love the old window and sink!

 Potting Bench~This is it!!! only with out the sink!!  Tah~Dah!!  :)

Talk about reused and refurbished- LOVE

Potting Bench

 Love the picket fence

shabby chic potting bench

Cute shutters!

potting bench

Love the lattice accent and the pallet legs!
 potting bench

Even an old dresser serves the purpose-

So, now its time to find a perfect little spot to call your own
 and have fun in the garden!

Take care, gotta fly-


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