Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wedding Plans!

We're very excited!

My daughter is getting married!
We're so happy for her!
Lots of planning, fun times ahead!
Come along for the ride!

It's going to be a party!

A "wedding" party!

My oldest daughter and her boyfriend have made it official
and this August
is the plan-

So, we've gotta get BUSY!

She got her dress, picked the venue and the bridesmaids
dresses are decided, the caterer and photographer- all in 2 months!
She's quite the organized gal!

But, oh my,
there's so much to do!!

The florist, band, officiants, and the list continues-

but, we will have a ball with the details- oh my!
Pinterest is the perfect place-
filled with some fabulous ideas!!

Here's the happy gal with her sisters
and the "lucky" man!!

Stay tuned for all the fun!
Take care, gotta fly-