Saturday, February 9, 2013

My Mom

I've been away from my blog awhile

It's taken me some time to sit down and write this post-

The past year has brought many changes in my family's life-
My dear mom was diagnosed with cancer at the end of May 2012-

She fought the fight with everything she had-

She showed my siblings and her grandchildren,
through her life that the
  love of family was always first and foremost
She showed us how to live with dignity in the face of adversity-

 She was my best friend - for 54 years-
We lived on the same street -
My girls saw her everyday of their first 18 years of life
until they went off to college-

Their closeness is a tribute to the way she lived her life-
She loved them unconditionally-
she loved
she listened
she advised when asked

She will always be a huge part of their memories

There is a hole in our hearts
that can't be ignored
Our love filled memories continue
to fill the hole

 but the empty feeling still remains-

We are living and loving as she would want
We are sharing with one another
We continue to grieve
we are a close knit family
and we will survive this, too

I can't imagine what each holiday will be like without her

Every momentous occasion-

she will be missed-

weddings, graduations, sporting events,
birthday parties, shopping trips,

the daily phone calls-
I will miss her voice

She was a huge part of who I am
and it didn't feel right not sharing about my lovely mom-
my rock-
my best friend

You will be missed mom, more than you can imagine
but your legacy is shining brightly through
 the hopeful eyes
of your
12 grandchildren 

Love you mom,