Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Favorites

My posting has been spotty this week
because "Sandy" visited awhile-
but, happy to say, things are pretty much back to
"normal" around here-
(normal being used sparingly!)

There are lots of favorites this week and
I can't wait to share-

Jeri from Decorating Hemlock
did a fabulous makeover on her dining room-
She snagged a dresser being tossed,
added steel bins
and created a beautiful storage piece -
She was inspired by Miss Mustard Seed-
and who isn't?
Go check out her great before/after shots!

Lisa from AKA West created
a scrumptious looking chili-
Pumpkin Chili!
The recipe looks easy and I could almost smell it -
this will definitely be a meal at my home soon!

Angela of Number Fifty Three
created this scrumptious
wreath, with grapevine and bittersweet-
My obsession with wreathes continues...

Allyson of Domestic Superhero
designed a tufted ottoman using
an up cycled pallet, upholstery supplies
and fab Ikat fabric- Love how it
coordinates in her room!

Grace from Sense and Simplicity
crafted a white wooden piece for her mantel
out of old bed slats-
What a simply lovely backdrop
for whatever she chooses to showcase!

Rachel of Shades of Blue Interiors
designed a blue bird dresser I adore!
The color and hand painting are the perfect match-
where were you a month ago when I couldn't
create the perfect blue on my dresser?
Check out this color filled blog!

Lisa from Create Inspire Me
made a beauty out of this vanity-
She used wax paper, her printer and
some pretty french script-
transferred the script onto the drawers and
ooh-la-la, the end result is fabulous!

Hope these ladies gave you some wonderful inspiration-

I  hope you have come through this week's storm safely
 and I know I am counting all of our blessings-
Until next week,
Take care, gotta fly-


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my vanity Claire. Love all the features! I'm going to check them out! Hope you have a wonderful weekend. :)
    Lisa @ {createinspire}

  2. I'm so excited and honored to be included with so many gorgeous projects! ! Thank you so much for featuring my dining room Claire!!

  3. Thank you for featuring my ottoman!! Love this roundup!

  4. Thanks for featuring my mantel board. I have been reading back through some of your other Saturday Favourite posts and am impressed with all the great ideas.

  5. Thank you for featuring my Pumpkin Chili!

  6. Lovely makeovers today. Lots of ideas :)


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