Monday, October 29, 2012

Daisy Costume for Charlotte

My cute little niece, Charlotte, wanted to be a daisy!

I found a white tutu with a daisy waistband-
at Goodwill - a perfect start!

I googled Daisy costumes and none of them
caught my eye, so
I improvised.

I bought a white knit cap at Walmart
and a few bunches of artificial daisies.

My next stop was Jo Ann Fabrics-
2 yds of yellow felt for petals -

I gathered the yellow felt and sewed it to the underside of the tutu-
I scalloped the bottom to resemble petals

The hat was simple-
I popped the heads off the stems-

hot clued them to the rim of the knit cap

and added a gingham daisy to the top

She wanted to wear her pink angel wings
and on a trip to Goodwill,
I found a pair of yellow wings
with the added daisy- score!

The fun part began-
A 3 year old can be hard to photograph
and she was no exception!

much too interested in her dad's cellphone!

 A tired little daisy at the end!

Ahhh, to be three again!
Happy Halloween
Charlotte Maud
Auntie Claire

Take care, gotta fly

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