Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Blue and White Home Decor

As I've mentioned before,
my home decor color scheme has never been "in",
you know, with the trends
but I'm starting to see quite alot of
blue and white on Pinterest
and it makes me soooo happy-

Thought I'd share some of my favs with you!
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So, I'm happy to see I'm getting more in the swing of home decor-

The mantel

even the stockings-

My 3 chair bench

the table runner

chairs and drapes

the wreath
even the chandelier shades!

Just something I learned FYI-

Feng shui-wise, color blue belongs to the Water feng shui element.
This color is excellent for use in the
feng shui bagua areas of East (Health & Family)
and Southeast (Wealth &
of your home or office,
as Water energy nourishes the Wood element
of these two feng shui areas.

You can bring the needed blue color as wall color,
 art depicting blue, or various decor items

Hope you enjoyed the blue and white look!

Take care, gotta fly-