Saturday, September 1, 2012

Saturday Favorites

I'm back with another week of my Saturday Favorites!
Connie from Hartwood Roses created this magnificent
mini greenhouse for a friend ( wish I was that friend!)
using leftover windows- OMG have you ever seen anything
so delightful?

Shelly of Shizzle Design created
this beauty using layers of Ce Ce Caldwell chalk paint-
The top was too warped and this creative gal
 designed a new top using a router- Amazing!
This would be a fabulous vanity or sideboard!

Penny of Penny's Vintage Home has a potting shed
to swoon over- She and her hubby have collected
doors from many parts of the country and this "shed"
(I use the term loosely-more like a castle!)
was their creation- A total of 12 doors and more windows-

It's every gardener's dream spot!

Julie from Knot All I Seam reupholstered
these two darling Queen Anne chairs with drop cloth fabric-
She then added the graphics thanks to
The Graphic Fairy-
2 coats of chalk paint and some wax=
these beauties!

With school beginning this week in my area,
this book page project caught my eye-

Jen from Jennifer created
this wreath using book pages that she
swished in a paint wash- she gives
a great tutorial on the process and I think
it adds a soft delicate addition to any space!

Painted Book Page Wreath

Karin from Art is Beauty transformed
a roadside trash piece into a piece of art-
She had help from her niece who is auctioning
the piece off at a work affair-
They used Ce Ce Caldwell chalk paint to begin with
and hand painted a fern on the front to add a bit of
nature's whimsy to it- Love!

Well, hope you enjoyed this week's
inspiration pieces-
these ladies are quite the group of DIY-ers!

Have a great weekend-

Take care- gotta fly!


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my painted book page wreath Claire! I really appreciate it :~) And holy cow...I wanna live in that "shed" LOL

  2. Thanks for sharing all of these great ideas.


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