Sunday, September 30, 2012

How I made Velvet Pumpkins

After seeing all these "LOVE"ly velvet pumpkins
around blogland I set out to make some beauties of my own!

The materials were easy to gather
real pumpkin stems-
so, what's a determined blogger to do?
Road trip to a pumpkin patch!!

The kind peeps there didn't sell them but they
show me where the old pumpkins go to die-
They were free!
(We did manage to buy
some apple cider donuts and apple cider though!)

With all my supplies laid out,
I was set to go!

Oh, did I mention I didn't buy real luxurious velvet-
the price was too steep-
so I got soft sueded fabrics for a fraction of the cost-
I was yearning for that velvet texture
so, I had an idea
(something rare these days, so I went with it!)
Go check out Goodwill
what did my wandering eyes spot
5 clothing items made of stretch velvet-score

I washed them up and cut big circles out of all the fabric
I used a bowl to trace them
-cutting was easy
-did a quick running stitch around the edge to gather it up
oh, did I say quick running stitch?

Well, for most it would be quick-
I, on the other hand used a clear fishing type thread-
clear and blind don't go well-
and making them at night- my baby blues are tired-
so, that wasn't quick- but I'm sure it will be for you!

The pumpkins I made with non-velvet
are fine-

but, do you really strive for fine-

I love my Goodwill pumpkins-
they are richer and more luxurious

(if you can call a pumpkin a luxury!)

The itty bitty turquoise is my fav-
My first attempt at these plush pumpkins was

inspired by the lovely blogger
Kelly from Nest of Posies-
go check out her step by step and
you'll be set to make some beauties of your own!

Hope you love my pumpkins too!

Take care, gotta fly-

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  1. Hi Claire,
    Wow, you did a great job! your pumpkins are beautiful! and you didn't have to spend a lot I like that. A lot of re-purposing and re-cycling went into your pumpkins. I give you two thumbs up and a high five!
    Maybe I'll try to make a pumpkin.
    Have sweet day, Elizabeth

    1. You should give them a try-they are adorable and not difficult to make- just be sure to use a velvet type fabric for the texture and body!

  2. Wow! Never thought of using real pumpkin stems; brilliant idea.
    BTW my costume designer daughter says that monofilament (fishing line) is very hard to sew with, and that you can wax regular thread (run it over a bar of soap) to make it stronger, and help it glide through thick layers of fabric.
    She and I are going to attempt some pumpkins ourselves. We haven't done this since her Girl Scout days!

    1. I'm sure you'll have success with them- let me know if you make some and skip that fishing line-these peeps were tired!!

  3. I've just started looking at thrift store clothes for the fabric and you have me going for velvet now. Love your pumpkins! ~ Maureen

  4. Ok now I am going to have to go thrifting in search of velvet :) What a great idea and I love all the colors. I am stopping over from Feathered Nest Friday.

  5. Claire, Your pumpkins turned out fabulous! Thanks for sharing your project at the Open House party.

  6. Oh so very pretty..thanks for sharing them at my party.


  7. This is a unique spin on the ordinary pumpkin - sweet!

  8. Love the velvet pumpkins! Thanks for sharing them at my party!

  9. love this idea!

    great job! they look gorgeous!!

  10. I saw some velvet pumpkins at a cute local gift shop and almost fainted when I looked at the price tag, $29 for an itty bitty one! What a great idea to go to the pumpkin patch for stems and the goodwill for material, clever scavenging!

    1. I've seen them online too but they were too steep for me-and who doesn't love an excuse to go to goodwill!!

  11. I Love these. Great job! I saw some in Hobby Lobby and the one I liked was $40.00. I think I need to go thrifting! Have a great week!

  12. Nice - love the velvet pumpkins!! Thanks for visiting and linking up at Romance on a dime.


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