Sunday, September 30, 2012

How I made Velvet Pumpkins

After seeing all these "LOVE"ly velvet pumpkins
around blogland I set out to make some beauties of my own!

The materials were easy to gather
real pumpkin stems-
so, what's a determined blogger to do?
Road trip to a pumpkin patch!!

The kind peeps there didn't sell them but they
show me where the old pumpkins go to die-
They were free!
(We did manage to buy
some apple cider donuts and apple cider though!)

With all my supplies laid out,
I was set to go!

Oh, did I mention I didn't buy real luxurious velvet-
the price was too steep-
so I got soft sueded fabrics for a fraction of the cost-
I was yearning for that velvet texture
so, I had an idea
(something rare these days, so I went with it!)
Go check out Goodwill
what did my wandering eyes spot
5 clothing items made of stretch velvet-score

I washed them up and cut big circles out of all the fabric
I used a bowl to trace them
-cutting was easy
-did a quick running stitch around the edge to gather it up
oh, did I say quick running stitch?

Well, for most it would be quick-
I, on the other hand used a clear fishing type thread-
clear and blind don't go well-
and making them at night- my baby blues are tired-
so, that wasn't quick- but I'm sure it will be for you!

The pumpkins I made with non-velvet
are fine-

but, do you really strive for fine-

I love my Goodwill pumpkins-
they are richer and more luxurious

(if you can call a pumpkin a luxury!)

The itty bitty turquoise is my fav-
My first attempt at these plush pumpkins was

inspired by the lovely blogger
Kelly from Nest of Posies-
go check out her step by step and
you'll be set to make some beauties of your own!

Hope you love my pumpkins too!

Take care, gotta fly-

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