Saturday, July 7, 2012

Saturday Favorites

Saturday Favorites are back
and I thought I'd show you some creative
newbie bloggers...

First up is from Dear Emmeline-
Smart gal took rubber stepping stones,
sprayed them and hung as
faux iron wall art!
Go check out this talented gal!

Rachel from Remastered Relics shows off
this incredible desk she painted for her son-
what a cool look for a kid's new room!

Have I found a fab new blog to share about!!
Deb from Lake Girl Paints is a gal to watch-
She created a child's growth chart
 in the shape of a fish-
Her painted creations are amazing
so please go check her out!!

Paula from The Peacock Door
has a before and after
dresser for her son's room-
The striped effect and new dresser top
add to its charm-
Go check out her fab re-do!

Susie from The Humble Nest of Mrs V.
re-purposed this vintage soda crate,
turning it into an
adorable home for
 numerous succulent plants-

Hope you enjoyed this week's favorites
 from some of the
newest creative bloggers you ever did see!!

Have a great weekend!!
Take care, gotta fly-


  1. Thanks Claire! I appreciate the feature of my succulent soda crate. So happy to have found you!

  2. Great inspiration pics!

  3. Hi Claire -
    Thanks for the feature!
    A fun surprise to find long fishy here.

  4. Wow, love those! Thanks for sharing them.


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