Thursday, July 12, 2012

Priceless Pin Love

Pinterest is certainly holding my interest these days!
Let me show you the ways....
Porch swings are making a comeback these days-
memories of childhood, simpler times and good old kid fun!

This first swing is created from old door, an antique table top
 and the arms were fashioned out of the table leg supports - with a cushioned seat-
It makes me want to take it for a spin!

Pinned Image

This next swing is a chunky beauty-
It was designed after an antique bed inspiration!
Dreaming of the many wonderful naps I could have on it!

This swing was featured at a Cashiers Showhouse
covered in nubby linen with nailhead trim

This pop of color brings visions of giggle galore-
a twin bed refashioned into a porch swing-
The hanging daybed looks comfy for all to enjoy!

Pinned Image

This swing makes me swoon-
what a beautiful place to catch an afternoon nap-
listening to the waves!!

Pinned Image

Hope I brought you back to some wonderful childhood memories-
lazy days of yesteryear!

Take care, gotta fly-


  1. I'll take the swing in front of the ocean.

  2. Any and all of them..omg, I've been watching a few of these done up in the blogosphere and I totally want one!!


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