Thursday, May 3, 2012

Word Gal

I'm a word girl
always was and always will be-

If you came to my home, you'd be bombarded with words-
not the cussin' kind-lol
I have signs all over-
long before subway art was in vogue!
Some are funny, some are poignant
and some just bring me joy-
and really, what more can you ask for-

My kitchen has some funny words,
which I need, so I can laugh when I cook-
not one of my favorite things to do!

Need I say more!!??!!

Take care, gotta fly-


  1. How fun! After reading your post, I kind of looked around my house and it seems I kind of have a lot of word signs too. I didn't really realize it! I love yours!

  2. I love words. AND, my favorite one right now is Simplify. Your sign caught my eye...

  3. I'm a word gal too! Pintrest has only fueled my love of great quotes and sayings!


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