Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday Favorites

I'm so excited to show you the fab ideas I found this week!!
Hope you enjoy these creative gals as much as I did!!

She constructed this beautiful headboard with wood,
dropcloths, padding, appliques and a few buttons-
Her step by step is clear and precise so you'll learn all about the process!
Headboard after 015a

she found a trashed piece and transformed it into a
harlequin beauty-
Go check out the "before"- you won't believe it!
(don't you love her blog name too!?!)

 lovely piece of subway art-
She's proud of her roots and was in an Arizona state of mind
and wants to show it off-
I really have to get with the program
and make something like this-LOVE it!!
Arizona Subway Art Dresser

a fresh new look-
She repainted this room but oh my-
her furnishings and special touches are jaw dropping-
do drop buy for some delicious eye candy!!

Hope you enjoyed the show!!
Take care, gotta fly-


  1. I'm off to check out all these features! They look wonderful. ~ Maureen

  2. Oh so creative. Got to go check them all out. Hugs, Marty

  3. Wow-thanks for pointing out these fabulous finds.

  4. Thanks so much, Claire, for the feature and the very sweet things you said!! You just made my day!! :)


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