Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pinterest Power

So, do you love it?
You know-
the Pinterest craze?

I'm addicted-
there, I admitted it-
I love it-
I've got more boards then I can shake a stick at
2 stand out as my favorites-
the first, of course, is home decor-
one of my top favs is
this special "little" nook!
Pinned Image

The 2nd is JOY-
this board contains things that put a smile on my face
and joy in my heart-

Pinned Image

as well as a giggle or two!!
Pinned Image

If you haven't checked Pinterest out yet-
entertain yourself-
you'll be so happy you did!!

Take care, gotta fly-


  1. That nook is crazy beautiful. Maybe for Charlotte's new bedroom? Get cracking, auntie. Good thing you have such good taste.

  2. Thank you for the morning laugh...Muffin Top! OMGosh the face on that kitty is too precious! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. The third great thing about Pinterest is that you can check your boards to quickly find out who to give credit to for ideas you found on blogs. The fourth great thing is the traffic that comes back to my site! Can you tell I'm addicted? ~ Maureen

  4. Hi, Clarie

    I love the muffin top. LOL I do love Pinterest, it's a great place to get inspire



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