Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easter crafts revisited

As March draws closer to an end,
Easter will be upon us before we know it-

I don't decorate the house like I did
 when my girls were little-
egg trees, rabbits hopping everywhere, baskets.....

but last year I was inspired
 from all the creativity in bloggyville-
there was so much talk about plastic eggs
and my fingers got itchy to craft with them, so
this is what I began with-plastic eggs from the dollar store
and white dimensional paint-
go crazy with dots, doodads and swirls...
next, my bff -spraypaint those plastic eggs-
I used a cream color

Next, glue thoses babies to a large styrofoam ball
and add some paper confetti.

I still love this and can't wait to take it out for the holiday!!

Take care, gotta fly-