Monday, January 30, 2012


Oh my-
Have you heard of this website?
Craftgawker- LOVE it!!
Alot like Pinterest
 but you don't have to apply to join
 or wait to be invited by a member.
You can search all the categories-
You can pin the things you like-
keep your favorites together too.
But, it's all about crafts!

It's fun
It's free
It's fabulous!
Go on-sign in-and you're in-yippee!
I love all the cuteness-
there's where I began my new crochet obsession..

Now, between Pinterest and Craftgawker
I may be in big trouble..
Not only am I obsessed with learning new things-
I'm obsessed with pinning and liking-OMG!!!

Take care, gotta pin oops,gotta fly-Claire
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