Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Linky Parties

I link up to Metamorphosis Monday, It's So Very Creative , Craft o Maniac Monday, Making Friends Blogger Style, Show off your cottage monday, Your So Very Creative, Making Monday Marvelous, Market Yourself Monday,pollywantsacrafter, Made by You Monday, Making Things Monday,Mad Skills Party,Round Tuit,Sew manyways , More the Merrier, Make Something Monday, SavvyHomemadeMonday.


  1. so so so so many link parties! im going to get addicted!

    and btw, i really love your blog! today i did a refashion that i think you'd like, a lace-cut out t-shirt that is no-sew! and easy to do with very little time.
    come and visit me at:

    thanks! sharde

  2. I'm thriled to have found you through your comment on Molly's blog!
    THANK you for posting all of the link parties! I've been looking for a list like this forever!
    Your newest follower!!!
    Crisp Interiors

  3. hello and thanks for coming to my little place. this is a fabulous list!!!


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