Friday, January 6, 2012

Coffee filter crafts

One of my very favorite crafts I created was
my coffee filter wreath-
It cost little money but it makes a big impact!
Its crisp and clean looking,
filled to the brim with coffee filter papers-
it looks as good as the day I made it

There are many coffee filter crafts out in blogland-
Amanda from Crafts By Amanda, created this tree
using the filters!

Pinterest shows many coffee filter crafts-
this wreath was created by Kristy, I'll get you my pretties

Coffe filter wreath

This coffee filter lampshade was created by
 June and Bear's mama-

Ccoffee filter lamp shade

These coffee filter roses were created by
Monica from the white bench
Coffee filter roses
The simplest of supplies can create
beautifully crafted decor for pennies!
I can't wait to try something new with these filters-
Take care, gotta fly-Claire
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  1. Your wreath is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing all those great ideas...I think I need to jump on the coffee filter bandwagon! :)

  2. These are ALL BEAUTIFUL features Claire.. I LOVE that wreath.. Wishing you a HAPPY New Year.. Cheers to creativity, success and laughter.. WOuld LOVE for you to link up via my Pin'Inspirational Thursday's Happening now if you don't mind.. Happiest Of Friday..

  3. love your wreath! i've been wanting to make ones of these for my foyer. thanks for sharing!

  4. thank you so much for following me - and we even have similar names on our blogs :) Happy weekend

  5. I like your wreath. It's on my list of projects to try.

  6. Great ideas! I've never seen a tree made from them before. Very pretty.
    Sherry's Bees Nest

  7. I love coffe filter wreaths! I need to make one. Adding it to my to do list...

    Christine @

  8. Hi Claire!
    Thanks for dropping by my page! I love all of the amazing crafts you've done & I am inspired to try making something with coffee filters (who would've guessed these would look so pretty) :)
    I am your newest member & I look forward to seeing more of your stuff :)

  9. hi...claire thank you so much for stopping bye..i must say i am in the process of alot right now..and projects are one of them...just wish there was more time to create...i like what you have done here..thanks again for stopping bye and i will be sure to follow you on the way out...~sabri~

  10. Hi Claire
    thanks for stopping by at my blog. I love your coffee filter wreath and can't wait to read more of you. Newest follower :-)

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  12. Oh how I love that rose!! Such a pretty idea.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!

  13. Ha I had no idea coffee filters could be so beautiful! Your wreath is so fabulous!
    Kindest regards,

  14. love these, who knew coffee filters could do so much! following back, thanks for stopping by!

  15. Love those little works of art with coffee filters. Very nice. Pat

  16. Hi Claire,
    you are very creative, love,love your coffee filter wreath. Thanks for visiting my blog! Following along and looking forward to more awesome ideas!


  17. love all these coffee filter ideas! your wreath turned out fantastic as well.

  18. These are such great ideas. I love them, and will have to try a few of these .

    Thank you for coming to visit and for being my newest follower. I appreciate it. I am now your newest.

    I hope you have a fabulous new year, Elizabeth

  19. These are wonderful! I love your wreath! Who knew coffee filters were so versatile! Thanks for stopping my my blog and becoming a follower! I'm a new follower on your blog! I look forward to reading more great posts!

  20. Thanks for stopping by Room Rx Claire! LOVE your coffee filter wreath. I am a big fan of using mundane items for creating a finished product with big impact and this fills the bill. Following you back...!


  21. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. Following you back now :) I love all of the coffee filter ideas - gives me an idea for a wreath form sitting in my stash.

  22. Hi Claire! Thanks for checking my blog out. I am a follower of you too! I still love the coffee filter inspiration I see out there in blogland. Your wreath is beautiful. I made something similar using an old, big frame. Mine is square. Can't wait to see more of your projects.

  23. Love these great ideas. Mary Alice

  24. Hi Claire, I have made a couple of coffee filter wreaths and thought they were so fun. Yours looks very full and lovely. Thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog and for following. I am now following you. Looking forward to getting to know you better. From your bio I see that we have SO MUCH in common.

  25. I have a stack of coffe filters in my craft cabinet waiting to be used for something!

  26. I've seen all the crafts you can do with coffee filters, but have never tried one. Your wreath looks so pretty! Following back!

  27. Hi Claire...thanks for visiting and following! I haven't tried one of those wreaths yet...we don't drink coffee so I don't think to buy the filters!! You a did a great job on yours!

  28. So many neat and beautiful ideas! Thanks for sharing them, Claire, and thanks for becoming a new follower!...Christine

  29. So many neat and beautiful ideas! Thanks for sharing them, Claire, and thanks for becoming a new follower!...Christine

  30. Hi Claire,

    Thanks so much for stopping by my home! I love meeting all of the wonderful people that the internet provides. I love your projects, I definitely need to make one of those filter wreaths!! Good luck on my giveaway and stop by for a visit very soon!

  31. Hi
    I'm happy to meet you. Your blog is great. Thanks for visiting My Cozy Corner.

  32. Cute ideas! :-) Thanks for visiting my blog! Glad to have you as a follower. ;-)
    Happy New Year to you, too!

  33. I made a coffee filter wreath last Christmas! Who would've thought cute crafts created with coffee filters? :) Thanks for becoming a follower and I'm a new follower of your blog, too!

  34. Those roses are so interesting! I would never guess they were made from coffee filters!

  35. I need to try something with coffee filters since it is so popular. Thanks for sharing some ideas. Now I need to go buy lots of filters!

  36. Thanks for stopping by the Cottage at the Crossroads and entering our giveaway. I had seen some of the coffee filter projects, but I wondered if they were difficult. The roses are unbelievable.

  37. Great post! I enjoyed looking at all these projects. I always have coffee filters in my craft room (usually to hold odds & ends when working on a project) but I love all these ideas.


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